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Q&A with @ThisIsNuse

1. When/Why Crypto?

Friend dragged me in telling me that Vertcoin was the next Litecoin after Bitcoin had just peaked at around $1200 in Dec 2013. I bought my first fractional at around $800, sold it for a slight profit on the Coinbase app and thought I was a trading god. Did the same around $600 again. I got in Crypto so I could make enough $ and quit my job and take care of my health at the time.

2. How your first year of crypto looked like?

A crazy windstorm of fuckery. I started off with $600 in the form a 7970 and a GPU riser, adding a R9 270x paying Miner. Suggested.Retail.Price at the top of the GPU bubble. Mined 3/4th of my ROI on Vertcoin two weeks into its launch selling somewhere after the peak. Was pissed off that I “had to trade” to make back the rest of my ROI. I had 0.2BTC to trade with (around $120) after putting the $600 back into my bank account as per the promise to my fiance since finances were tight. I ended up trading that 0.2BTC up to 2+ in a couple of months having absolutely no fucking idea what I was doing. To top it off the friend that got me in “abandoned” me after being upset he didn’t ROI his $2k+ rig on Darkcoin instead of Vert. He sent me a lot of links on technical analysis and told me it’d give me an edge. I was so pissed at him. I felt lost, ended up joining a pump group that I didn’t even know was a pump group, doing good enough TA to find out our leader was dumping on us, and so much more. I ended the year taking most of my alt gains to OkCasino where I ritually would get rekt and deposit again from more alt gains, it was maddening.

3. Tell something about you we don’t know.

I don’t even own a cat. I grew up with as many as 5 at a time but from the moment I lived on my own all I have now is a dog, which are so much better than fucking cats. Doodle(my pup) loves me so much as opposed to my dickheaded cats who simply greeted me with “feed me, fucker”, and chose whether or not it was ok for me to pet them.

4. If you had to choose only one: Trader, Miner, Staker, crypto-promoter?!? Why?

Trader. I like the control it provides from a risk management perspective. Technical analysis is my biggest edge and I get to exploit that with trading vs the increased variable of mining or staking.

5. What your long term bags look like? Why?

XMR — I believe its underrated time after time. Their development team is top notch, it is a very slow mover and for that reason most people abstain from holding it. An untimed buy can have you baghold and tie up that capital forever. FLDC — Hard working and public facing team that has been around since the earlier days. I see a lot of research or shared computing power coins these days in the ICO space and all i can think is, “we already have this in Foldingcoin”. SALT — I simply do not see how the investors behind this won’t pump the shit out of this out of a basic philosophy of Proof Of Ego. Lending platforms make sense, big time, in a fundamental manner. So much so that people unfortunately got Bitconnected. Legitimate forms should eventually attract the right crowd.

6. How you hedge your crypto?

When the market starts to lose momentum I ensure that I cash out necessary living expenses and other things that may arise. As the market falls further I have no problem selling low in an attempt, if any, to rebuy lower. Overall, I am happy trading with less dollar equity if it means compounding my BTC gains for longer term.

7. Businesses outside crypto?

None. Give this shit my all.

8. Your favorite crypto trader? Why?

Needacoin. Perpetual optimism and long-term vision regardless of current market state. Never gets shaken and has been a source of calm for me in my earlier days and even current.

9. You favorite shitposter? Why?

TM3K. I sometimes wonder if what I’m about to broadcast to my followers is offensive and THINK of filtering (I usually don’t). I don’t think the thought crosses his mind. Respekt.

10. XMR or ZEC? ETH or ETC?

All four.

11. GMC, Cadillac, Lincoln, Jeep, RAM or Ford?

Went with the Ford Edge :)

12. Recommendation for newbies?

Get comfortable losing. It is an absolute inevitability. It’s not fun and you shouldn’t preach your losses in some celebratory manner, but rather, take it in and learn from it. A loss without learning is pretty much useless. There’s no quick road to this, even with proper guidance if you are so fortunate. All of this can be humbling. If you aren’t used to losing it will be even harder as your ego will want to naturally deter you or place blame elsewhere. If you really want this you have to persist. This isn’t a game about who’s better but who can survive, and then thrive. It’s a game of attrition.

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@ThisIsNuse reminds me of the movie I am Legend, he probably will be here way past after all of us. Follow the legend @ThisIsNuse in this crypto roller coaster, wont regret it.

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₿itcoin, tech innovation, drones. Industrial engineer by education, marketing degenerate by profession. twitter.com/xamanap

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Xaman Crypto

₿itcoin, tech innovation, drones. Industrial engineer by education, marketing degenerate by profession. twitter.com/xamanap

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