Q&A with @CryptoNTez

1. Who is Nico, what is your background?

Tech guy on his 30-ish, the geekiest around my group of friends. I’m from south america, love football, videogames, coding and crypto of course.
My country has been under an average 20% of yearly inflation since I was born and that was one of the reasons I found crypto. I also love how this crypto space behaves under different situations from bearish to bullish and I met a lot of different people that I really enjoy talking to.

2. What you do for living?

I have been working around computers since ever. Worked as coder, IT analyst, and now I’m related to Automation/IA in a IT corporation. My second job (the one I like the most) is twitter and Trading.

3. What are you currently working on and what are your plans for 2019 onwards?

I have been working on trading tools for crypto since early 2018. Most of my work is around a indicator called UCTS that helps traders to improve their trading abilities around Crypto Markets.

My plan for 2019 is finally enjoy the benefits of a Bullish market, since my entire life in crypto was on the downside.

4. What/who/how brought you to the crypto-twitter sphere aside the profitability?

Mmm good question, I think I ended in twitter from viewing videos on YouTube when I was starting in crypto mining at mid 2017, my first follow in twitter & retweet was for Jameson lopp and from there I never stop reading and learning.

From Andresa Antonoupolus books to scammy crypto whitepapers. I found myself learning a lot not only about crypto but economics, technology, trading etc.

I think my mindset about a lot of different things have changed since I entered into the crypto space and I feel more aware of everything that goes around me (government, money, enterprises etc)

5. Tell us about your hobbies?

Love reading books about economics and dystopian futures, video games and crypto of course. I also like to cook sometimes and get a nice vacations time to time to disconnect from the virtual world.

6. Top five favorite artists?

I listen a very vary genre of music, but my favorite are Oasis, Stone Roses, Tame Impala, that kind of music.

7. Share with us something we don’t know about you.

My first purchase in crypto was XRP. lol

8. What are your top 3 favorite movies.

Dark Knight, Fight Club, Back to the future and many many others.

9. What ICOs have you participated, which will you participate this year? How did that work?

Never participated of any ICO. I never found them appealing to me.

10. How you hedge your crypto?

My main positions are BTC or a stable USD coin (tether usually) and only take some alt position when I see there is an opportunity to get more BTC. I don’t really look at USD status of my portfolio but to accumulate Sats.

11. Top 5 favorite crypto people?

12. How will crypto dominance look like from now on to 2020? Will BTC crush alts or vice versa?

I think it will continue to work on waves — it always has — but BTC is looking stronger than ever and it’s gonna get even greater traction from Libra launch, with all the new people that will bring into the space.

13. How you come to the decision to enter a trade, example?

I try to understand overall market status (Bullish/bearish), resistances and supports , volume and the UCTS confirming an idea. I trade only High time-frames chart and they usually take long periods of time to reach to a target.
Time to time I take some quick trades when I see there is an opportunity but I need a lot of free time to enjoy this kind of trades.

14. How you come to the decision to exit a trade, example?

This was harder to learn than when to take a trade, knowing when to quit at profit or loss is always a hard task and you need to remove the emotions from it or you will get rekt.

In my case, the only way to learn this was by doing a LOT of mistakes and the strategy that works for me is to set up Stop losses to all my trades and some times even take profit targets, and then just forget about it. If it hits any being for good or bad that’s it.

15. What high marketcap coins you have?

Apart from BTC, I hodl a small bag of XMR

16. What is CryptoNTez trading tools, and why should anybody care to pay to use?

We have a set of tools for improve your daily trading experience around Crypto, from Trading bots for Binance from easy follow indicators that will point you in the right direction of whats happening in the market or a specific asset.
The most known tool we have is the UCTS indicator that have over 400 users and over 1,300 likes in Tradingview =)

17. Why is CryptoNTez trading tools better than other trading tools?

I think its the simplest tool to use but with cool features and settings that let you tweak it to your trading style being short term or long term. It helps you to understand when the market is trending up or down, when to take profits, where to set up stop losses and where are the key levels to observe.

We don’t charge a subscription fee, it’s a one time payment for lifetime access even with updates or enhancements in the future that I keep working on (we want to make any able to access the tools we built at a low entry barrier)

Also we offer a 10 days free trial to it, we don’t need to hide behind screenshots with results, you can live test it for 10 days and take your own conclusions. No other tool in the market let you try for free and for 10 days.
It has hundreds of hours of back-testing, improvements and features. We started at version 1.0 and now we are at 1.96 so it took a really long journey.

Also over 400 active users that talk to each other in discord about the tool and how it works and they seem pretty happy about it.

Their feedback is key for us to improve and we try to release a new update every 2 weeks or so with improvements to current indicator.

18. For somebody that is completely clueless about crypto trading, how could you benefit from CryptoNTez tools?

If you are new to trading, follow easy Buy and Sell signals on High time-frames is just simple as it sounds. Overall our system works pretty good and I can guarantee that will help you on your trading decisions and also to understand whats happening in the market.

In my case, it helps me to remove emotion from my trade because it acts like a guidance on when to take action or not.

Thanks to my man @CryptoNTez for his time, give him a follow, and test ride his trading tools, must have tool if you trade frequently.

If you enjoy the read, follow me on Twitter, and use my referral links:

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₿itcoin, tech innovation, drones. Industrial engineer by education, marketing degenerate by profession. twitter.com/xamanap

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₿itcoin, tech innovation, drones. Industrial engineer by education, marketing degenerate by profession. twitter.com/xamanap