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1. What you do for living?

I am a full-time student in the last few months of my undergraduate degree.

2. What/who/how brought you to the crypto-twitter sphere aside the profitability?

I had just started using Twitter on my IRL account. When I really got interested in cryptocurrencies (summer 2017, around the time of the fork) I followed all the $crypto personalities with a lot of followers and sent them DMs asking for help.

Really (in hindsight) silly questions. @ZeusZissou and @BitcoinDad replied.

The rest is history.

3. Tell us about your hobbies?

Crypto is a hobby. My main focus is my degree. Aside from those two things, I like going on long walks around London and I also enjoy watching replays of old British comedies.

4. Share with us something we don’t know about you.

I am far from a ‘natural’ at technical analysis.

I remember it took me weeks upon weeks to be able to draw basic trendlines. I was on the verge of quitting and giving up on technical analysis entirely a handful of times before it really started making sense.

5. What are your top 3 favorite crypto by category/type? i.e, privacy, dapp, dex, … you choose the category.

Distributed storage

6. What ICOs you participated last year, which will you participate this year? How did that work?

I participated in my first ICO, TraDove, just a couple of weeks ago.

I’ll let you know how it goes!

7. How you hedge your crypto?

I) By taking profits on the way up as opposed to worrying about protecting myself once the crash arrives.

II) Shorting on Bitmex to make more BTC.

8. Your favorite crypto personality? What you learned from him/her?

Very tough question to answer.
I’m going to pick my first mentor, @Moonshot33, who has since disappeared.

I learned from him that you don’t need a myriad of fancy indicators, lines, and Fibs to make good trades consistently.

9. How will crypto dominance look like from now on to 2020? Will BTC crush alts or vice versa?

I believe if Bitcoin’s technology keeps improving and we see continued and successful implemention of layer 2 protocols, the use cases for a lot of altcoins will start to dissipate.

At the very least, I think the blatant shitcoin alts will get crushed as the market continues to mature.

One can hope!

10. How you come to the decision to enter a trade, example?

This is quite the oversimplification but here goes:

I’m not a breakout trader, so I typically look for levels (typically in the form of horizontal lines) that I want to trade.

I usually draw my levels on a chart well in advance and only update them as/if necessary.

I’ll get an alert if price approaches one of my high time frame levels (normally based on the daily time frame) and then, if I’m around, I’ll open up the chart to look at what price is doing as it approaches my support/resistance.

Some levels I have very high conviction in so I’ll just leave asks/bids there.

11. How you come to the decision to exit a trade, example?

The decision to exit a trade is made in two ways, both of which are done prior to opening a position:

I) The trade reaching my target, which I ascertain using technical analysis. I have a full-length free lesson just on this topic.

II) The trade reaches my stop loss, which I ascertain using technical analysis as well. Preparing a lesson on this as well.

Seeing things like 1H/4H/1D bullish or bearish divergences certainly make me take some profits if the divergence is in the opposite direction to my trade.

12. Who will be Bitcoin legitimate contender?

Some other system, protocol, or technology that we don’t know about yet.

13. Top 5 mistakes in crypto that will lose you shitload of money?

I) Blindly buying Twitter shills

II) Going all-in on one coin

III) Not taking your security seriously (use an anti-virus, use an ad blocker, don’t use Windows, have 2FA and security keys on EVERYTHING, don’t link your phone to any security requirements, et cetera)

IV) Revenge trading i.e. when you lose and you have the mindset of winning it back immediately

V) Forcing trades as opposed to waiting for them to come to you

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