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1. What/who/how brought you to crypto?

First I read about Bitcoin in 2011. Directly fell in love. Because I truly believe in a bright human future and Bitcoin sounded like a great tool. Was about to mine with my Macbook Pro. But was little bit too difficult and at the same time we started a Startup. Rekt but doesn’t matter. Second time I heard about BTC was in 2013. And I just found my digital me — PATo PATiNYo CRYPTOBANGer. I bought a bunch near the top, rekt again. We ordered some ASIC miners to get rich quick, because 100000% ROI / day from ZEUS Miner and Mining ASICS Techn. (MAT scam insolvent never got our miners) for +$30,000, rekt. I joined some Paidgroups — rekt. Bought #VOOTCoin #USBCoin and #SaffronCoin — at the top — rekt. Lost coins at Cryptsy + Mintpal — rekt rekt rekt. But here I am enjoying the best time of my life. So never give up Jhonny! ㋡

2. What are your interests/hobbies outside crypto?

I love urban Life. So in summer sneaking through the streets, hanging around, playing basketball and searching for some fun. In Winter the Alps are screaming, sunshine, snowboard, fresh color-blocking rags, a pre-rolled ready to pop some nice trails.

I travel a lot. Lets sip some sizzurp!

3. You are awfully quiet sometimes, what are you up to?

Just enjoying life homes… ツ I do this for fun — to help some guys out… and not to slave myself again…

4. You never talk about yourself, tell us something we don’t know about you?

10 inch.


5. What are your crypto picks for 2018 and long term?


6. Preferred weapons (indicators) of choice to do TA and why?

I Love to do simple TA on mother fucking high time-frames — 1months, 2weeks, ❤ 3D, ❤︎ 1D. Plus some trend-lines and horizontal support and resistance areas. Less stress and way more gains. Look at higher time-frames...! But to sum it up my trading system is about:

+ horizontal Lines / areas
+ MACD / Stoch RSI [ Divergences ]
+ awesome oscillator
+ fractals / pattern
+ wyckoff / cycles
+ CM 2EMA Trend
+ fib levels
+ volume

But we are all different so make sure to develop your own TS.

7. Who are you fan #1 in crypto? Why?

I love the whole cipher. Fucking good energy. But my number 1 pick... hmmmm… I guess its ฿Δ≶tronaut aka @Basolina... fucking awesome branding and the timeline is pure art... best of the crypto best ㋡ check it out... oh and my real life homey @RandyPiricks. He’s back ready to spit some cool shit #FF =).

8. Who you despise the most in crypto? Why?

I’m trying to stay positive because I believe in Karma/Energy — the universe — so I do not care about haters and scammers. But every time I think about Kaz or Roger: (puking face emoticon) Kaz is cute and Roger is obsessed — pure devil.

9. Bitcoin or BCash, why?

wTF are u kidding me...?! its like: Do you like fresh sweet yummy ice-cold strawberry milkshake or fucking ass-liquid... I don’t care about BCashs value, I just #boycottbitcoincash.

10. If you could only hold one crypto, what would it be?

SACRED MAGIC FIBONACCI BITCOIN is about to change the world janina...!
#HODOR 4 life (hands up in the air emoticon).


I love @CRYPTOBANGer, reminds me of myself 15 years back, when I was in college, smoking weed, chillaxing life.

By the way, I had to decipher 75% of what @CRYPTOBANGer wrote for you, was in Plutonian.

If you enjoy the read, follow me on Twitter, and use my referral links:

Binance, Bitmax, Bitmex, Bybit, Kucoin

Is good for Karma!




₿itcoin, tech innovation, drones. Industrial engineer by education, marketing degenerate by profession. twitter.com/xamanap

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Xaman Crypto

₿itcoin, tech innovation, drones. Industrial engineer by education, marketing degenerate by profession. twitter.com/xamanap