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1. What you do for living? Tell us about your background.

Currently a full-time student while pursuing crypto full time.
Before quitting my job in December ’17, I worked in healthcare for 7 years focusing on coordinating patient care and prior to that (at the same company) worked in retail.

2. How you became a TA freak?

When I first invested in crypto in November ’17, I started to get wrecked and I decided that I had a choice to sit back and get rekt or take responsibility for my investments and in December ’17 I ordered a few books and began to study. I was at a point in my life where I needed a change and the only way that would happen if I put effort in. I saw others on crypto twitter posting charts and talking about trading and figured “why can’t that be me”. I went back to college in 2012 and had to work really hard and retake some classes that I flunked out of as a young teen. Being able to pass all my classes by putting in effort gave me the motivation to know that if I studied TA that I could learn to trade — and it worked.

3. How you became involved in crypto?

I first heard about crypto from a family member “Andy” in 2011ish. He asked to borrow my credit card to buy Bitcoin and I was like “Nope”, besides my credit was Rekt at the time and I didn’t have a credit card.

I then started to hear about crypto on Libertarian talk radio on my long drive to work and decided to do something risky and invest. Since getting my life on track I was very careful about the choices I made and conservative with money because I never wanted to be poor again. But as time progressed I became unhappy in my job and felt my life was at a standstill. I always wanted to become an entrepreneur and felt there was more to life then a 9–5. I didn’t know that crypto would change my life when I first invested but I knew that I needed to start making risky choices to find my niche.

4. How have you overcome adversity?

I was upset and struggled with depression when my father died when I was 12. I was angry for a LONG time and school; home and social life was always challenging — I never felt like I fit in. I held on to my anger for a long time and did a lot of damage to myself. I never thought I mattered or was important — not sure why but that’s how I felt. I felt that because I experienced so much pain that it was ok to be angry all the time and negative — this was false. It took over a decade for me to understand that stuff happens and its not what happens but how we chose to handle it. Once I realized the power of positivity my life changed for the better and good things started happening. Instead of waking up upset about things that happened, I count my blessings not matter how big or small.

5. What your regular day looks like?

Depends the day of the week:

School days I’m up at 6AM to get out of the house at 7AM and get to class by 8:30AM. During school im answering email and coordinating interviews for my YouTube channel, networking, coordinating meetups and posting content.

Non-school days Im doing homework and working along with trying to get a work out in and attempting to cook dinner — lol.

Weekends are for family.

I have a young daughter and everything revolves around her and her schedule — she is my everything.

6. What are you currently working on and what are your plans for 2018 onwards?

I’m finishing up my Bachelor’s in Business, focusing on my brand, grow my YouTube channel, host crypto meetups and I’m the CEO of a blockchain project focusing on creating a solution to improve the crypto marketplace ecosystem. Lastly — I want to attend more conferences and hope to get on some panels.

7. What does Wendy-O do on her spare time?

All my spare time is dedicated to crypto and my daughter — she comes first and because of crypto I get to work from home and be with her.

But fun stuff includes working out, thrift store shopping and travel.

8. Plain no or friendzone?

I’m married 😊.

9. Liquor or beer?

805 beer all the way.

10. Night out at a club or night out at a bar?

Neither — delicious dinner and a beer.

11. Romantic dinner or night out on movie premiere?

Dinner for sure.

12. How you come to the decision to enter/exit a trade, example?

When entering a trade, I sit down and chart the coin and then chart BTC. I then add my indicators and draw my support and resistance boxes along with a fib. I then journal my entry, exit and why — everything must match up or I won’t enter.

13. How many trades or positions you typically handle simultaneously?

1–3 — less the better.

14. What you make of current market situation and what you foresee 2018 and 2019 will look like?

The market is bearish — As I've said before im bearish short term but bullish on crypto in the long-term. I don’t know when we will recover, I have some friend sthat are OG’s and they say halving, others say we need mass adoption. At the end of the day for the market to become bullish we need increase our market cap and in order for that to happen projects need to focus on scalability and making their product seamless — no one would know they are using the blockchain.

15. What you currently hold for long term? Why?

BTC — I trade alts to accumulate BTC. I will say that I prefer projects that are non-ico and have a valid IRL use case.

16. What is best about CT?
The community, you literally can reach out to almost anyone for help and they will respond and be supportive. We are so small that people are willing to help each other — this is the first community I have felt that I belong to.

17. What is worse about CT?

The salt — some people say such hurtful things and are nasty. I’m lucky and most of my followers are amazing. But I do get trolled with some far-out stuff and I have to hit the mute button. At the end of the day I have to ignore it and understand that im not everyone’s cup of tea. I will give them the benefit of the doubt and respect their opinion about me even if I don’t agree.

Love the passion and hard work Wendy has put on her CT identity, content, and community building. All of us can learn from her superation and success story, her success only comes after intense work, and self assessment. Pleasure to share this space with such driven and wonderful woman.

I can relate to her back story of not feeling motivated by my 9 to 5, after doing it for 12 years in very diverse industries, three failed attempts at being an entrepreneur, I finally found something I really am passionate about, leveraging my experience to help projects in the crypto space… last year I told my wife: “I could do this for a living”, she wasn't impressed, but I aimed high, “I told her by mid 2019 I will quit my 9 to 5 and will do this crypto thing”, and set myself to do it, learn the skills, fill my gaps to actually be successful at it, not just make and attempt. Soon guys, soon just 3 months away to make my leap of faith.

I look at Wendy’s success story, and tell myself, “I can do it also”. Thanks Wendy for the inspiration!

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