Flash interview with $CRYPTO millennial @loomdart

Xaman Crypto
2 min readSep 5, 2017
  1. When you started in $CRYPTO?
    “I started June 2014.”
  2. You real young, where you spend all your $CRYPTO and fiat, aside girls, cars and drugs?
    “lol I won’t spend all my crypto I don’t live a lavish lifestyle at all I will spend it on rice and chicken and that’s about it.”
  3. What could make your generation adapt faster to $CRYPTO?
    “Honestly bitcoin is the perfect object for “my generation” (I don’t like the usage of the term generation but I’ll just pretend you’re talking about people my age who have grown up in a very unique economic time where banks rule over everything with no consequences) and bitcoin presents something that is “pure” of that which we love.”
  4. You are a permanent troll, which is your biggest one?
    “I’m really not a troll lol I’m never malicious because I love all of my crypto friends.”
  5. #1 recommendation to $CRYPTO noobs?
    “Do your research but not like just looking at a thread do actual research because a project that has a good chart may go up 2x but a project that actually makes fundamental sense and has a actual use case in this environment can not only go up a lot more but you also don’t have the stress of waking up and thinking “oh no, did I invest in a scam?”

If you´re losing money on crypto and you might think of quitting, this is the guy to follow. Non stop hilarious jokes. Also if you have issues with Poloniex, he is the Sr. VP of Customer Service, the guy to go.

Talking to him through DM, is nothing like his twits, he only answered this when asked about the “interview”, and the answer to the questions… Didn't even RT his own interview, odd ball.



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