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4 min readSep 5, 2017


1. What/who/how brought you to the $CRYPTO sphere aside the profitability?

One day I stumbled across the term Bitcoin in some article and was curious enough to go into investigation. The idea of a monetary system that takes the control off the banks and governments and gives it back to the people fascinated me, so I jumped right into it. Life is more than just money, what got me into Crypto is the grand idea behind it, the money revolution, and freedom that comes with a fully trust less decentralized system.

2. What are your interests/hobbies outside $CRYPTO?

To be honest, Crypto has become so huge as a hobby that there is rarely much space for anything else. Apart from that I love to read, meditate and play games of all kind. Many interests, limited time.

3. You’ve been awfully quiet lately, what are you up to?

After the turbulent beginning it was time to re-calibrate and reflect, and to come up with a more efficient way to realize my ideas. Currently I am working on a crypto-related start-up which is mainly focused on publishing and education. I have learned from my experiences and am ready to use this insights to deliver a higher level of quality. Sure big plans in the making, unfortunately my activity needed to be decreased temporarily in order to focus on what is coming next. I will for sure be back soon.”

4. When and what will generate the tipping point of $CRYPTO mass adoption?

Oh I think that is already in the making. The real tipping point for me will be when big companies start an adoption race around crypto, in a way that those who adopt crypto early will be the biggest economic winners of the next decade, while the laggards will silently disappear. Another tipping point — which is more significant to me — is the beginning meltdown of traditional markets, which is long overdue and absolutely inevitable. It is just a matter of time, not if, and it was the primary reason I went into crypto in the first place; to protect myself and beloved ones against the collapse of fiat currencies and whatever comes along with it.

5. Who do you think will be in 10 years, the top dog of Smart Contract Platform ETH, ETC, XTZ, QTUM, …?

I think both ETH and ETC will have many use cases in a completely new industry built around blockchain in the future, but they will not be the only ones. Some might already be out there, many will follow in the coming months. We have not seen everything in terms of blockchain-related innovation, this is just the very beginning, and much will follow.

6. Preferred weapons (indicators) of choice to do TA and why?

I am trading blank bar charts, only indicator I use is Exponential Moving Averages 20, 100 & 200 to further validate my chart analysis and to generally observe price behavior around these levels.
Sometimes if I really need that edge — that little additional piece of information — I have a look at On Balance Volume in order to check if money is flowing in or out of the market. I have tried almost all indicators out there, but came back to the roots as I have learned less noise means better results.

7. Will fiat ever be conquered by $CRYPTO, why/not?

I guess it absolutely will. We are able to fly to the moon but are still paying with paper bills? First came the internet, then came smartphones. We all are already interconnected — now it is time for a global & free monetary system that will ultimatively change how we live. Fiat will be replaced by crypto in due time. This is not the question, the real question is: Which path will humanity choose? Eventually, Blockchain can either be used to liberate or to control.

8. What satisfies you the most in $CRYPTO?

Seeing a plan succeeding, and getting rewarded for prolonged patience. But especially the stunning community of crypto disoverers and early adopters trying to make the best of this golden opportunity at hand. It feels like an golden age of entrepreneurship is incoming, and we are all part of it — and I am pretty sure I am not the only one feeling like that.

9. What disgusts you the most in $CRYPTO?

Greed and ego which is all apparent, trying-to-get-rich quickly without doing the work required, and the general inability of thinking independently which seems to be a disease nowadays…

10. #1 recommendation to $CRYPTO noobs?

Never give up. It will be a bumpy road, but it will be worth it if you have the strength and patience to endure. Read, observe, make mistakes. Trust in yourself.

When I sent my questions to @Cryptoyoda1338 he actually asked me to add more questions, I thought MAGNIFICENT! The guy is really really sharp, check out his blog… https://cryptoyoda1338.wordpress.com/



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