Current security threats in crypto and how to mitigate them




I like to recommend people to use MetaMask, it does a really good job at spotting phishing site, even though it’s not its main purpose.

— MisterCh0c

22 Social Engineering Red Flags


Juice jacking

PortaPow 3rd Gen Data Blocker

Or wear a USB condom on your power cable.

— TheCrypt0Mask

Data snooping over VPN

Passwords manager vulnerabilities

Hardware Wallets Vulnerabilities

How to avoid hardware wallets vulnerabilities?

  • Buy directly from hardware wallet manufacturers, you want to avoid re-sellers who might be tempted to tamper with devices, there has been reported cases where hardware wallets are delivered with the passphrase already generated.
  • Always make sure the address you are sending cryptocurrencies is the same as prompted on you hardware wallet, if its different you might be being subject to a MIM (Man in the Middle attack).
  • Never leave your hardware wallet unattended or exposed to a third party access where it could be updated with an unwanted firmware.
  • Keep your passphrase recovery in a different place than your hardware wallet, not on a digital form, but on paper, or even better on Titanium, and store on somewhere only you have access, i.e. a safe.



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