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Q&A with @CryptoCobain

Xaman Crypto
3 min readOct 23, 2017

1. What/who/how brought you to the crypto sphere aside the profitability?


2. Where you spend all your crypto and fiat, aside girls, cars and drugs?

Haha, I don’t spend it on any of those things. We’re in a bull market, I buy more Bitcoin with my Bitcoin.

3. If you had to shill any crypto, what would it be and why?

I think there’s a fork in the road coming with crypto in society. Either we go the path of clear-chain, regulated, gov-adopted blockchain solutions where we replace the monetary system with crypto — or we go the path of dark money, zero knowledge everything, in which case there is no more tax, no more society. The anarchist in me longs for route 2, so I’d shill Monero and maybe Zcash when the inflation dies down. But I think route 1 is better for the greater good of humanity in the medium term.

4. What are your interests/hobbies aside crypto?

I build companies, swim a lot, travel a lot, meditate a lot, write sometimes and often lose at League of Legends. I’m a silver scrub, I’m really bad at this game.

5. #1 recommendation to crypto noobs?

Learn risk management on day 1 and think in 3–7 year timeframes instead of 3–7 weeks.

6. What is best way to learn to trade with minimal losses?

Please refer to my pyramid scheme thread->

7. What separates good ICO from the shit? And explain it like I am five.

A good ICO, in my opinion, is something that is viable over the course of 3–5 years. Evaluating beyond 5 years is quite hard cause this space moves rapidly. Most people are quick-flipping ICOs so the legitimacy or illegitimacy doesn’t mean much for the short-term market cycles, the cool projects gets dumped the same was as the crappy stuff does. You want to find projects that will survive beyond the initial cycle like Ethereum did.

I evaluate those things based primarily on the team, but I don’t really take part in many ICOs cause I find them a bit scary.

8. What in crypto smells like teen spirit?

Load up on guns
Bring your friends
It’s fun to lose and to pretend

@CryptoCobain Twitter background

@CryptoCobain was one of the first crypto “OGs” I started following. He is like your big brother in crypto, he bullies you, makes fun of you, don’t matter if you are a noob or a veteran, if you make a stupid statement, better bring your A game to back up your nonsensical financial argument. Aside bullying the entire Twitter roaster he has an amazing FA, if he makes you doubt your bag hodling, start thinking to swap ’em for something better, hes is often times mostly right on his calls.

Appreciate it @CryptoCobain, the wait was worth it.

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