Criptext: encrypted email service review
  • With important data breaches taking place lately, i.e. Marriot, Under Armour, and Quora. These occurrences joined the biggest data breaches of all time, ranking #2, #6, and #11 respectively.
  • On ProtonMail: “they” could have access to your encrypted keys and emails on ProtonMail’s servers, “they” would have to decrypt.
  • On Criptext: “they” would need to have physical access to a device were you are logged in, save that you don’t log off.

“If you don’t own your private keys, you don’t own your email”.

This said, lets talk about UX, and functionalities. Lets walk it through…
Adding a second or third device
emailing Criptext users
emailing non-Criptext users, encrypted
emailing non-Criptext users, un-encrypted
Reading an encrypted email
Pin/Touch ID/Face Recognition Lock

Features that are still pending to be implemented by Criptext

  • Delete account
  • Manual Mailbox Sync from Settings
  • Backup and Restore data to an existing Cloud Platform
  • Aliases
  • Multiple accounts
  • Self-destruct emails
  • Detailed email headers
  • Contacts list
  • Gifs display
  • Send contact
  • Send location
  • Spanish
  • More languages


ProtonMail Pricing



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