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  1. By the code bar itself, this is the fastest way if you are sharing your address to another person mobile phone using the code bar scan functionality.
  2. Through the copy paste button, copy in the CoolBitX, and in whatever application you want to paste the address.
  3. Or using the share button, here you can share to the applications you have installed on your mobile, in my case: Whatsapp, email, Twitter, Discord, Telegram, Signal, and so on.
  • Show pairing password: this is to enable the visibility of the pairing password on the app, so you can pair a new mobile. Up to three mobiles can be paired in a single CoolWallet S.
  • Show full address: when sending an address it is prompted on the card, so this lets you see the whole address or just the first characters.
  • Card Firmware update: it pushes the app to check for the latest version available CoolWallet S to be installed.
  • Show Bitcoin Cash balance on card: who would want Bcash as default balance?
  • Device List: it prompts the full list of all the devices paired to your CoolWallet S.
  • Allow new pairing: this feature is important, I would always have it disabled, since I am the only one using it from my mobile. Cool thing is you could allow anybodies mobile to pair to your CoolWallet S. Once the new device is paired, disable it just in case.
  • Remove account: this will wipe all data stored on the app.
  • Reset card: resetting will restore card to original setting and wipe clean all data.
  • Transaction authentication: this enables/disables fingerprint (Face ID or Touch ID) authentication, this is a MUST have enabled for me. In order for a person to steal your crypto he will need to have, your mobile, your CoolWallet S, your fingerprints/face. So if you are unfortunate enough to lose your wallet with your CoolWallet S on it, and your mobile, the thief would need have you present to do a transaction, or chop your fingers or your head off to try to bypass this functionality.
  • Coin Display: as mentioned above, this feature enables/disables supported coins.
  • Alternative Currency: supposedly allows you to change to your desired fiat currency, in my case it only gives me the option for USD.


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